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Treat the un-treatable diseases like cancer, diabetes etc through thousands of years old secret formulation of Rasayog and customized Kumbhak therapies.


Introducing thousands of year old healing methodologies to the world that were hidden until now. 

Rasayog and Kumbhak. The traditional natural methods for curing chronic diseases and living diseases. At Rasyoga we bring back the human body from abnormalities. Our first step is AI based Pranashakti DIagnosis. The cutting edge tool identifies the root cause of the problem in human body. 

The second step is Kumbhak. Based on the results of PranaShakti Diagnosis, we provide customized Kumbhak modules to patients. Kumbhak practice brings the body to normal. 

The third step is Rasayog. 



Rasayog is secret formulations of rare herbs, minerals and pashanas in the form of liquid, tablets and powder.

The rasa context is a completely different way of looking at how human body gets manufactured, where everything starts from Rasa and then it becomes Rakta, from Rakta the Maansa (cells and tissues) are made, from that the lubricating and buffer aspects of meda gets made. Meda results into Majja then majja condenses into Asthi. The last part is Shukra, which needs the highest energy levels. Weak Shukra results in many diseases and to come out of diseases the human needs the right Rasa.


Rasa is the quality which is embedded in everything. This quality can be elevated or subdues using methods like Maran, Samvardhan, Pratishtha etc. This methodology has been perfected over thousands of years and kept secret due to the chances of misuse. Such lineage have now opened this to be used by humanity because of the conducive time zone humanity has entered into. The rampant increase of chronic disease episodes on earth.

Herbal Medicine


Kumbhak means hold, it can be hold of thought, emotions or breath. Kumbhak therepy basically uses breath hold which is the strength creating mechanism of the human body to strengthen the weak factor or an organ. Thus an individual can come out of any chronic ailment like heart, Kidney, lung, liver , immunity and metabolic diseases etc including.

Disease is caused by weakening of some specific body factors. There are 84 such factors in human system that branches out to many more. In an individual the factor that goes weak can be analyzed only through Pranashakti Analysis. This is one of its kind of diagnostic system in the world. Through this we customize the Kumbhak module to strengthen the weak factor and thus the body can reverse the disease naturally.




At Radveda we do Pranashakti Diagnosis to find the root cause of any problem. The problem that appears could be due to something else as our organs do not work in isolation, any problem in one could cause problem in another. Pranashakti diagnosys is a power and accurate methodology to know the real reason behind any problem. 


Rasayog is a secret formulation of rare herbs, minerals and Pashanas. Once the root cause is diagnosed, a customized Rasayog is prepared which takes around a month. This ancient method involves extraction of magical healing properties of naturally available plants and metals on our planet. There are no side effect of Rasayog. 


Kumbhak is a breathold technique that involves healing or making strong the part that needs to be cured. Rasayog and Kumbhak goes together and the module contains customized Kumbhak therapies that change every month. This is a natural way of coming out of any abnormality in the body


At Rasveda, you not only cure the disease but also develop immunity for the same for future. The chances of getting the same disease goes down .



Reverse Diabetes with naturally and see significant improvement in 3 weeks. One can come out of diabetes in 2-4 months completely



Become cancer negative with the revolutionary Rasayog kriyas. Bring transformation in your life by defeating the disease naturally with no side effects. Avoid Chemo and other dangerous therapies. 



Give birth to the child of your dreams. Your child can have high IQ and live disease free for long.  Try our 12 month Garbhasanskara course (3 months before conception and 9 months pregnancy) and keep mother and child healthy. 



Want to reduce fat and be in shape? Try our weight loss program and lose weight without work out and dieting. Lose 5-10 Kg per month, all naturally with no side effects. 

heart care.jpg


Remove heart blockages through Rasayog. Our secret formulation of herbs cleans all the arteries and veins in the body. It also helps recover from other heart malfuntioning and reduces chances of stroke. 



Cure liver fibrosis or other liver related problems with 100% natural Rasacure and Kumbhak therapies. 



Hairloss /Alopacia or pimples/skin problems  can have different reasons like stress, genetic, water, digestion system etc. We do Pranashakti Diagnosis and work on the root cause and fix hair loss naturally through Rasayog and Kumbhak. 



One of the most common problem. Our customized Rasayog formulation and Kumbhak therapies have healed many from joint pains. Enroll today for the course. 



Kidneymalfunctioning can cause many other problems within the body. Do Pranashakti diagnosis with us and rid of kidney related problems. 



Thyroid is more common in women. The root cause is cured first using PranaShakti Diagnosis. Enroll now to reverse Thyroid and stop your regular medication. 

mental disorder.jpg


Stress, Depression and other mental illnesses can be cured through Kumbhak and Rasayog. Attend our webinar to know more. 



Stroke can be avoided by cleaning the blockages in the arteries and nerves. Follow our webinar to know more. 

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