Duration of Course: 3 Months

First Month: 3 sessions + Individual Session
1-3 Months: One session per Month

Course Content

  • Class 1: Introduction, Preparatory Kumbhak Methods

  • Class 2: Advanced Kumbhak Practices

  • Class 3: Practice Session

  • Class 4: Individual Session for Customized Kumbhak Methods and Lifestyle Transformation modules, based on Prana Shakti Diagnosis

  • Class 5 - 9: Post Class Support: Practice Correction & Modification, Monitoring of Body Parameters, Coming out of Medicine


What causes weight gain

What causes weight gain? Weight gain can have causes that are usually masked with other body illnesses. Why is it that we fall on external ways to reduce our weight like strict diet control, exercise or yoga without knowing the real cause? 

We at Ameda focus on fixing the root cause to revitalize your body and mind 24/7.

Prana Shakti Diagnosis: The first step towards cure

Rasveda weight loss program uses an absolutely unique root cause analysis called EPA to replenish our functional balance.

About the Program

At Ameda, We create customizable processes through which your current fat will reduce in the most appropriate and fastest way. 

Fat aggregation is caused due to weakening of some function in the body. On the basis of functional imbalance, we offer three courses of different timelines. 

The program will be a mix of exit pathway strategies and generic modules on epigenetically strengthening the functional balance.

Rigorous exercise, diet control may reduce current weight but does not address the root cause that weakens your system.

At Ameda, we address the root cause that nobody in the world has done till now. By addressing the root cause, the effect is permanent and you will never face weight imbalance for lifetime. 

What to expect from this program

  • To get started, register yourself using the form below. After confirming your registration with us, you will be onboarded to our Capsule 3 week course. 

  • we will run your Elemental Pattern Diagnosis by asking simple multiple choice questions from you. Based on your responses a customized process will be made for you. We request you to be honest for accurate diagnosis.

  • You get access to recordings of the sessions and instruction manual for your review. In case you have queries our team is available 24/7 to support you. Our mentor will also teach you a tracking method to measure the results achieved from the course. 

  • You also get access to join our weekly sessions about what is suitable for our body, perspective on how our body functions, and tips for mental training to reap maximum benefits from the course


People who want to reduce upto 5 kgs, within 3 weeks this target can be unlocked. After 3 weeks you have a choice to continue on your own or if you feel the need of guidance, we provide a 6 months Engagement course. 

You get access to 24/7 team support and an additional bonus session every month with the mentor. 

But, people who want to reduce more weight can directly join our 6 week Essential course which is designed with more specialised activities and advanced practices. Essential course techniques offer reversal of chronic ailments and treating other body illnesses for lifetime.