Heart & BP Care Without Medicine


Coming out of diabetes is possible and very much in your hands.


Take the life-changing step to learn methods to come out of Diabetes.


Expected Outcome

  • Within 21 days, see a substantial result.

  • In 6 months to 1.5 years, you can completely come out of diabetes.

  • Just 30 min practice: Protect yourself all future Diabetes-related complications.


Diabetes is generated within our own body system.

You just don’t know how. It does not come from outside.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by imbalances in your system. The imbalance in the metabolic process results in high sugar levels in the blood. One aspect of this is that the food you eat is not getting converted into energy completely or correctly and so results in high glucose levels. The good news is that these imbalances can always be corrected.

Prana Shakti Diagnosis: The first step towards cure

We have a unique diagnosis – Prana Shakti Diagnosis – to find out the anomaly in the metabolic disorder called diabetes. Once we know the root cause, we can help you learn methods to come out of diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Which means the way your system is absorbing, using and giving out the life energies are out of balance. We call these life energies as Prana. The Prana Shakti Diagnosis finds out how your system is responding to Prana or life energies.

Managing Vs Curing Diabetes

There is no known cure for Diabetes. Most people control or manage it with medicine supported by exercise, diet etc. Medicines have side effects and are no guarantee to further complications arising out of diabetic condition. Plus, managing diabetes also involve constant medical and lifestyle expenses.

One major reason for lack of cure is that there is no method to find out what exactly is causing diabetes. Sugar level test are only indicative or measure of the symptoms associated with diabetes

How do we help you come out of Diabetes?

  • We use Prana Shakti Diagnosis to determine the root cause of Diabetes.

  • We teach methods to come out of Diabetes by treatment through Prana Shakti Upchaar & Integrated Lifestyle Transformation Tools.

  • You can learn these in live online classes.

Kumbhak: Methods for Reversing Diabetes


  • These are specialized breath therapies fine-tuned according to your type.

  • Just 30 min practice; you can see big transformation within yourself.

  • Within 21 days you can see substantial result.

  • In 6 months to 1.5 years you can completely come out of diabetes by customized Kumbhak module according to your body.

  • We will teach you the module in our 3 live sessions.

Integrated Lifestyle Transformation Tools


Step by step methodology to completely transform your lifestyle through incorporating

  • Yama & Niyama (do’s and don’ts for diabetics)

  • Tapas (creating power)

  • Dhyana (meditation)

  • Unique diet perspective

  • Hatha Yoga, Siddha, Ayurveda, Panchakarma

  • And much more but as per required by individual system.

What you get in the Online Classes
  • Customized Kumbhak module as per your body mechanics.

  • Integrated lifestyle transformation module as per your individual body and system.

  • Comprehensive detox plan as per your requirement.

  • A powerful Tapas to empower you.

  • Meditation which is problem specific.

  • Natural herbs and Bhasma suggestions initially if and only if required.